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Student Presentations

Student Presentations 2023

  • Team Blue:
    "EXPOSURE - EXoPlanet Origins and Stellar Ultraviolet Regime Explorer"
    Report & Presentation
  • Team Green
    "ARISTOTLE - Astrophysical Research Initiative for Space Telescopic Observations of Transiting Large Exoplanets"
    Report & Presentation
  • Team Yellow
    "EXODUS - Exploring Exoplanet Evolution"
    Report & Presentation
  • Team Red:
    "Aetheras - Deepening our knowledge of planetary system formation and evolution by studying atmospheric escape"
    Report & Presentation

Student Presentations 2022

Summer School Alpbach 2022 - Jury Evaluation

Student Presentations 2019

Summer School Alpbach 2019 – Jury Evaluation

Student Presentations 2018

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Student Presentations 2013

  • Team Blue: Caretaker
    Coronal Mass Ejection Analysis Reporting to Earth To Allow Keeping Everything Running
    Report & Presentation
  • Team Green: PAC2MAN
    Photospheric And Chromospheric and Coronal Magnetic field ANalyser
    Report & Presentation
  • Team Orange: ADONIS
    Atmospheric Drag, Occultation 'N' Ionospheric Scintillation
    Report & Presentation
  • Team Red: OSCAR
    Observatories of Solar Corona and Active Regions
    Report & Presentation